Hello everyone!


Many thanks for joining us in this exciting 16th European Neurofibromatosis Meeting that is being held in Barcelona. We have imagined a dynamic meeting format, providing many space for talks selected from submitted abstracts in order to present the most up to date research and advances in the field. We hope of being able to give voice to everyone, to foster new ideas and interactions and to provide the ideal environment to promote synergies amongst us and generate fruitful collaborations. We have spent a great effort preparing this meeting but it would have not been possible to arrive here without the work and collaboration of the European Scientific Advisory Board, the Local Scientific Committee and the support of the different institutions and sponsors. We also would like to thank the collaboration and effort of the European Neurofibromatosis Association, the local NF lay associations and all the different associations in the European countries that are attending the meeting. To all of them: many, many, thanks!


We would like to give our welcome to the new European NF Group that will be launched during the meeting. We are convinced that your presence is an important addition to the meeting. We hope you can learn, share, discuss and have fun. No doubt that there are still many challenges ahead in the field of Neurofibromatosis, but there is also no doubt that together we can face them better. The European Neurofibromatosis Meetings are special because they are more than scientific conferences. They are devoted to researchers, clinicians, patients and families and help us in reinforcing this community effort. Thanks a lot for coming! Enjoy the meeting! Enjoy Barcelona!


Thanks a lot for coming! Enjoy the meeting! Enjoy Barcelona!


Conxi Lázaro, Ignacio Blanco, Eduard Serra

Organizing Committee